About Us


Claremont International High School was founded in 2012 in partnership with the Internationals Network for Public Schools. INPS has developed a comprehensive approach to the education of immigrant and refugee youth that addresses the areas of a school’s structure, pedagogy, culture, and governance that effectively serve multilingual learners. The Internationals Approach, a set of 5 core principles, is based on proven practice and research and provides school leaders, teachers, and staff with high leverage strategies that lead to better outcomes for students.

INPS Core Principles

Heterogeneity + Collaboration

Schools and classrooms are heterogeneous and use collaborative structures that build on the strengths of each member of the school community to optimize learning.

Experiential Learning

Expansion of the 21st century schools beyond the four walls of the building motivates adolescents and enhances their capacity to successfully participate in modern society.

Language + Content Integration

Strong language skills develop most effectively in context and emerge most naturally in a purposeful, language rich, interdisciplinary, and experiential program.

Localized Autonomy + Responsibility

Linking autonomy and responsibility at every level within a learning community allows all members to contribute to their fullest potential.

One Learning Model For All

All members of our school community work in diverse, collaborative groups using hands-on projects; put another way, the model for adult learning and student learning mirror each other.


The mission of Claremont International High School is to build upon the diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds of English Language Learners in New York City and to create a stimulating academic and nurturing learning community that prepares students for success in college and the workplace. Our students cultivate intellectual curiosity and empathy as global citizens through the integration of language and the arts in all classes.

Core Values


We value responsibly supporting our diverse Claremont Community, and we prioritize taking an active role in making it better for everyone.


We value working as a team to challenge and support one another, knowing that multiple perspectives generate a richer understanding of our work and how to improve it.


We value striving to understand different perspectives and circumstances, in order to connect with and help support one another.

Intellectual Curiosity

We value expanding our knowledge and problem-solving skills, by taking the initiative to continually ask probing questions that explore beyond the surface level.