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Credit Requirements:


Subject Min. # of Credits
English 8
Social Studies

4 Global History

2 US History

1 Government

1 Economics


2 Life Science

2 Physical Science

2 Life or Physical Science

Math 6 (At least 2 credits of advanced math)
Languages Other Than English 
2 (There are exemptions for students who were educated in another language through the age of 12)
Physical Education 4
Health 1
Art 2
Electives 7
Total 44

Examination Requirements:

Students are required to pass Regents examinations in English and Algebra. 

Portfolio Requirements:

Students are required to successfully complete and present the following portfolio projects:

  • Literary Essay
  • Historical Research Paper
  • Original Scientific Experiment
  • Mathematical Problem Solving
  • Art
  • Native Language
  • Personal Statement
  • Internship